Chris Marinescu
Ph: 800-830-9093, Cell: 949-680-7241
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LocationLake Forest, CA


  • Founder & CEO of Paulmar Group, LLC
  • Founder & CEO of Paulmar Software, Inc.


  • Inventor of new Insurance Trust Accounting Logic, US Patent No. 9,811,863
  • Developer/author of two CE classes on Insurance Fiduciary duty, both approved by CA Dept of Insurance (DOI), # 363112 and #363113 (abstract attached);
  • 10-year CE Class Instructor of both CE classes;
  • Developer/author of Insurance Trust Accounting Education Program (10 classes included);
  • Student of CA Insurance Code, Sections 1733 thru 1736 and CA Bulletin 81-2 regarding insurance fiduciary duty;
  • Author of 17 articles published on various platforms, including Insurance Journal, on P&C insurance trust account financial solvency management (list attached);
  • Online instructor of 2015 insurance fiduciary duty webinar organized by Insurance Journal (announcement attached);
  • Project manager/system analyst for software development; project scope focused on financial solvency management of P&C insurance trust accounts;
  • Unique expertise in P&C insurance trust financial solvency management;


  • Master’s Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Engineering Economics
  • Professional Engineer in California and New York states

Past Activities

  • Structural engineer for various industrial, commercial and military projects in USA, since 1981;
  • Seismic risk assessments of existing buildings located in California, Oregon and Washington states;
  • Economist in Romania worked to apply macroeconomic Leontief input-output model to Romanian national economy planning;
  • Author of several articles published in Romania on small enterprise financial management.


  • Paulmar Software is a software development company set up to design software for the management of insurance fiduciary duty and to monitor and report trust account financial solvency of P&C insurance agencies;
  • Paulmar Group is owned by Paulmar Software; it was set up to handle public relations, market software products and teach trust accounting education classes;
  • The CE classes #363112 and & 363113 were approved by DOI in 2017 to Paulmar Group as a class provider; LDC Insurance Education, #19867 – Lynn DellaCroce, Nipomo, CA was the CE class provider of the same classes approved by DOI under different numbers;
  • Chris Marinescu is a DOI-approved class instructor of both CE classes.