Our Purpose

Paulmar Group is a California Department of Insurance (DOI)-approved CE class provider No. 373001. The purpose of the Paulmar trust accounting education program is twofold:

First, educate P&C insurance professionals, especially P&C insurance agency owners, on the insurance fiduciary legal mandates and consequences of fiduciary violations. California Insurance Code prescribes a loss of business license and/or legal prosecution for theft in egregious cases of fiduciary violation. The Paulmar trust accounting education program was developed to fill a void in the fiduciary compliance education. Accounting for trust funds is not taught in college. No text books are available to insurance brokers willing to study it.

Second, learning and implementing trust accounting in P&C retailing agency financial practice have the potential to make agencies more productive and significantly more efficient. Profit margin increases of up to 15% are to be expected. Insurance trust accounting has been fully automated to require no bookkeeping. Accounting records are created via programing. Trust financial solvency is reported in detail; no effort by agency owners and/or DOI auditors is required. Significant financial benefits will be equally expected by P&C insurance companies and general managing agencies.

This program currently offers two continuous education (CE) classes to P&C insurance brokers practicing in California. Effort is underway to have the two CE fiduciary education classes approved in other states. CE-credit classes are two-hour webinar classes and earn 2 CE credits, each.

Additionally, Paulmar is working to add to this program eight non-CE credit classes for P&C brokers practicing in other state. Non-CE credit classes are one-hour webinar classes. They are intended for general trust accounting education on insurance fiduciary mandates and violations. They will also get students acquainted with the trust accounting technology, which in November 2017 received a Patent from the US Patent & Trademark office.