Instruction to Students

Instructions to CE Class Students Prior to Class Enrollment

Paulmar Group acting as Class Provider, offers P&C Insurance Agents & Brokers two DOI -approved CE classes: Fiduciary Task Management Part I, No. 363172 and Fiduciary Task Management Part II, No. 363173. Before enrolling in a CE class, students must acknowledge the receipt of this Instructions and state agreement with its provisions, as listed below:

  1. Class enrollment fees must be paid upon class enrollment by Pay-Pal/credit card. Class fees include $45 class attendance fee and $10 CE credit processing fee, total $55 for each CE class;
  2. Both CE classes are provided via webinar and are two-hour long; upon completion each earns 2 CE credits;
  3. Each CE class hour is 50 minutes long to allow for a 10 minutes break;
  4. Students must check in at the beginning of the class and respond to a roll call by the Class Instructor;
  5. The Class Instructor will spot check the course attendance;
  6. At the end of each CE class, students will take a test consisting of a 30 questions Quiz. Questions are the Yes/No type. An 80% passing score is required, i.e., only 6 wrong answers are allowed;
  7. Completed Quiz forms will be checked by the Class Instructor and posted in the Student’s record file which is accessible by the Student;
  8. The Quiz forms will be available to students online at the end of class;
  9. Upon the CE class completion, the Class Provider will record the CE credits in the student personal record at the Department of Insurance. Certificates of Completion will be subsequently issued and emailed to students.
  10. Certificate of Completion will meet the requirements of 2188.8a of Title 10 of the California Code of Regulations. Certificates of Completion are available to students to download provided they pass the course test with 25 correct answers out of 30 questions;
  11. VERY IMPORTANT: Students must click the ‘Check In’ button to stamp the time that the student joined the class and click the ‘Check Out’ button to stamp the time that the student leaves the class. Class attendance time is CDI-required. Failure to do so may result in not getting the class CE Credits posted to the student CDI records.
  12. VERY IMPORTANT: Course registration must take place 10 days or more prior to the course schedule date to allow Paulmar to register the class with the CA Dept of Insurance.
  13. The cancellation of a class enrollment must occur at least two days prior to the class scheduled date via email directed to the class provider at info@paulmargroup.com. The enrollment fee will be refunded within 10 days from the email notification date by credit using the enrollee’s credit card. A $10 administration fee will be charged.

Paulmar CE classes are intended to provide only general guideline information about the fiduciary duty of P&C insurance agents and brokers. Paulmar Group, the class provider, shall have no liability nor any responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any alleged loss or damage claimed to be caused by the information provided in these classes. Paulmar Group recommends agents and brokers to consult an attorney or other qualified professionals for advice on how to act or respond to specific cases of Insurance Code issues or violations encountered during their business practice.