26 Jun 2018

Paulmar Group Announces


US Patent Issued for P&C Insurance Premium Trust Accounting

June 26, 2018 — Las Vegas, NV

On November 7, 2017 U S Patent & Trademark Office issued patent No.9,811,863 B1 for P& C insurance premium trust accounting technology. Two inventors take credit for the development of this unique product: Chris Marinescu and Emma Hart.

This product accomplishes two main
objectives:1)it automates the P& C insurance
agency premium trust transactions and 2)
guarantees the agency fiduciary compliance.
Unique trust financial reports will enable
agency owners to monitor and control premium trust funds fiduciary

  • Trust Balance Sheet
  • Trust Float Statement (Receipts & Disbursements Statement)
  • Financial Solvency Analysis
  • Statement of Trust Funds Beneficiaries

Chris Marinescu, Founder & President of Paulmar Group stated this product represents the “missing link” of P& C insurance agency automation. While not competing with any of the current agency management systems, this product will easily integrate with all.By automating the agency’s trust account transactions, this product paves the way to rapid organic growth, higher productivity, and improved profit performance. A significant competitive advantage for both producing agencies and insurance companies will follow as agencies will be able to concentrate on sales and service, rather than accounting and fiduciary compliance.

The introduction into the marketplace of this product has the potential to foster a new management paradigm in the P& C insurance industry, leaner and more efficient.

For additional information on this patent send email to Emma Hart at emmahart@ paulmargroup.com For more information on Paulmar Group visit www.paulmargroup.com